Hello and welcome to Victorian Nordock. A persistant world utilizing the incredible game from Bioware, Neverwinter's Night, and as a base Richterm's Nordock module. Over the past two years the module has undergone a LOT of face lifts and some fun inclusions. The server enjoys a solid community base and a friendly open environment. Anyone wishing to have some fun and emerse themselves into this little corner of the net is more than welcome to cop a squat and kick back over a quiet Dwarven Ale.

Vic Nordock has a long and colorful history dating back to early 2005. Since then it has undergone many face lifts though player input. What we now have is a fairly heavily modified Nordock server that has some fairly liberal rules (basically no Item Level Restrictions). Whilst powerleveling is NOT what this server is about it is not hard to gain experience quickly and make some great friends along the way adventuring throughout the lands.

Since those early years we have developed into a very warm and friendly place to come and relax where sometimes it is almost more like a chat room than a game server. Whilst I don't believe we can be categorized as a server (ie action, RP, arena) most who come here enjoy the balance of adventure, DM run events [PvP/PvM] and the occasional RP.

In general if you respect your fellow players and the server you will always be welcome here.

By playing on this server you have read and agreed to abide by the following rules:

1. Forum etiquette - Basic minimum level of courtesy.

2. NEW Server Guidelines
- Rules governing situational play (Do s and don't s).
- These are available in your "Players Journal."

You can find our server by selecting "Multiplayer", then "Join Internet Game" then "Direct Connect" and enter the server IP and port:

Be safe and have fun. It's a game after all.

- Shai

Weekend Treasure Hunt 8
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 22 February 2014 14:04

You find yourself beneath Kabu's Ancient Cemetery in the caves of terror. You sense yourself traveling deeper in the caves until up a head you hear the growl of a beast. Something huge crawls out of the Crevasse and lumbers towards you. Receive the quest, defeat the beast and return to your Deity and you shall be rewarded.

Weekend Treasure Hunt 7
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Sunday, 16 February 2014 13:05
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This weekends Deity quest is a classic quest to defeat a mighty dragon in a Bleak and Desolate location. By his very word, "My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"

Weekend Treasure Hunt 6
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 08 February 2014 13:43
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A dying man stumbles into the Sholo Pass Inn. Before he slips away, he recounts to you a tale of horror. Although his descriptions are vague and clouded by days wandering in the sun, one thing is clear to you. Someone has found the Temple that was buried and awakened that which lies within.

Last Updated on Saturday, 08 February 2014 13:44
Weekend Treasure Hunt 5
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 01 February 2014 14:22
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Through a cave terrifying to behold lies a monster of which many a tale has been told. Gaze into the eyes of this evil and live and you shall be rewarded most handsomely by your Deity.

Weekend Treasure Hunt 4
Written by Arithon Moergen   
Saturday, 18 January 2014 13:42
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In a land beyond our land lies a foe beyond death. Face the many challenges of the other land and return to claim your prize!

Last Updated on Saturday, 18 January 2014 13:42

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